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New and fresh ideas are coming to this blog site and affiliates.

Hi everybody,

I am really excited about some up an coming ideas that will begin to germinate here. Please stay tuned in the next couple of days and weeks as they start to grow into, what I hope to be, a genuinely different blog experience. I will start sharing the details as soon as I have confirmed and secured the necessary domain properties.

Stay tuned people,




Hello and welcome. I am a NY based photographer that subscribes to Phototgrapher Rick Sammons' concept of "specializing in not specializing". I want to shoot anything and everything. With that said, shooting street photography has become a passion, an obsession, and recently, a movement. "Street is to photography what Jazz is to music" - Dave Ortiz Life is all about demonstrating passion and it's this passion that I strive toward memorializing in my images. There is beauty everywhere even in the mundane and it's isolating those moments or expressions creatively that makes all of the difference.

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