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I’m trimming the fat!

Hi everyone,

Things may look familiar or but different here. I have decided to go on a weight loss kick-health and web-wise. My site at Square Space has been discontinued until further notice. You will now be redirected back to my original WordPress blog. I will soon transfer over recent posts from SS. I wasn’t maximizing the site to warrant the cost of it. So I’m back to my original blog. I still intend to post projects, events and such. Things won’t be any different, except that I plan to post more often thanks to the WordPress for Android app.



Hello and welcome. I am a NY based photographer that subscribes to Phototgrapher Rick Sammons' concept of "specializing in not specializing". I want to shoot anything and everything. With that said, shooting street photography has become a passion, an obsession, and recently, a movement. "Street is to photography what Jazz is to music" - Dave Ortiz Life is all about demonstrating passion and it's this passion that I strive toward memorializing in my images. There is beauty everywhere even in the mundane and it's isolating those moments or expressions creatively that makes all of the difference.

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