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Photo walk tips

I am a moderator of a Photowalk geared toward bringing NY photographers on Google+ together who are interested is street photography or photography in general. My two co-moderators are Leanne Staples, a fantastic and popular street photographer and Chris CIf you haven’t joined a Google+ or participated in a photo-walk, you are missing out on the vast opportunity of sharing with like minded individuals a hobby or profession that inspires.

Im taking the group shot for the last photowalk

Thank you for your questions. Here are some suggestions for you:

Bring a camera: excellent idea. Comfortable clothes is a must. I would suggest a light pack. You want to be mobile. I carry a larger pack than some since I intend to take the first group shot-I’ll have my tripod just for that. If you don’t use it normally, leave it home. You may not need a 48″ reflector in a photo-walk unless that is your thing. I would be mindful of strong winds, though. +Chris Gachot uses a set up completely different than mine or Leanne Staples.

Lens choice: There are not many times in a photo walk that you would need to switch lenses. I use a 17-55 2.8 EF-S lens. I have seen others use a 50mm. Your “go to” lens? Odds are that will work just fine.

During our last photo walk people naturally gravitated to sub groups based on their pace, what caught their eye, similarity of gear, you name it. Everyone participating has knowledge that will edify you. +Leanne Staples was awesome to walk with because she would talk about what was inspiring that moment. It is very cool to see an accomplished street photographer tell you what just caught her eye. We 40+ people confirmed. This is awesome. We will stand out like a sore thumb. Take advantage of that and allow yourself to do stuff that normally isn’t your norm. I commute home with someone that carries all of his gear with him, everyday. He carries a camera with 70-200 2.8L, two additional lenses, flash, various other stuff daily. He cannot take his camera out to shoot in the street. He just can’t. It weighs like 50lbs in his hands. He is self conscious of people looking at him and staring. It may sound weird, but, if you are not accustomed to shoot in the street, it can be daunting. This photo-walk remedies that for most people. We will look like the Jets in West Side Story (dated myself-I dont care). You’ve got brothers around youre a family man…..that’s part of a song from the aforementioned musical, btw.

I hope this helps. Looking forward to meeting you.




Hello and welcome. I am a NY based photographer that subscribes to Phototgrapher Rick Sammons' concept of "specializing in not specializing". I want to shoot anything and everything. With that said, shooting street photography has become a passion, an obsession, and recently, a movement. "Street is to photography what Jazz is to music" - Dave Ortiz Life is all about demonstrating passion and it's this passion that I strive toward memorializing in my images. There is beauty everywhere even in the mundane and it's isolating those moments or expressions creatively that makes all of the difference.

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