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Nurture your niche!

I just heard something that struck me and I felt it would be worth sharing.

Nurture your niche!

Niche means: a : a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted


The question has been asked a lot recently: What is street photography? I realize the question in this day and age should be “What is street photography to you?” or “What is it about the street or the genre that drives you?”


My road is unique and it belongs to me. Its about my personality and its in my DNA. It is one of the few things in this world that I can wholeheartedly claim for me. That being said, it is a melting pot of many, influences. I couldnt dissect it if I tried. The common ingredient is that I want to immortalize my city or the path I have taken in it.


I was watching The Voice on TV. I heard Ceelo Green say that he wanted to nurture someone's niche. It struck me and rang so true. It inspired me to share. Whats your niche. Our style should be as unique as our finger prints. They resemble each other but are different in the microscopic hills and valleys.


A great exercise I have imposed on myself is to shoot the same route daily with the focus on finding something different each time. Last year I commuted through 23rd Street daily. I walked in front of the Flatiron Building-my most favorite building in the world. With such a classic back drop it is easy to get caught up become mundane. It was during this process that I fell into my project, RONY: Reflections of NY.


What is your niche? Allow yourself to fall into it. Don't force it, nurture it.






Hello and welcome. I am a NY based photographer that subscribes to Phototgrapher Rick Sammons' concept of "specializing in not specializing". I want to shoot anything and everything. With that said, shooting street photography has become a passion, an obsession, and recently, a movement. "Street is to photography what Jazz is to music" - Dave Ortiz Life is all about demonstrating passion and it's this passion that I strive toward memorializing in my images. There is beauty everywhere even in the mundane and it's isolating those moments or expressions creatively that makes all of the difference.

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