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Legal Advice and Maybe a Warning

I borrowed camera equipment via CPS (Canon Professional Services). Sent it back in the CPS box with their return label. It was never received. tracking information states the box is in the warehouse, but, there is no physical box. I sent it from the 23rd Street Fedex dropoff.
I contacted CPS and plead my case and sent them the tracking info, the receipt for the shipping. I thought it was agreed that I did everything asked of me.   I now receive a notice that legal action is being taken against me. Anyone with a legal understanding of my rights: what options if any do I have.
Please be warned, be extremely weary of Fedex employess enquiring about the contents of your shipped goods. Dont rent anything you are not capable of affording to pay outright. I honestly feel like my options are next to nothing and they are starting to turn the heat up. Im almost disgusted to use my Canon. Im very angry with myself and Im furious with Fedex and Canon.
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Book Review: Going Candid by Thomas Leuthard

I finished reading +Thomas Leuthard’s Going Candid-This book is a free glimpse into the passion and lifestyle woven into the fabric of Street Photography. I liked it very much. It focuses on the the raw and communal approach to street photography that I have experienced first hand co-organizing the G+ photowalks in NY with +Chris Gachot and +Leanne Staples. Thomas’s book isn’t so much a “how-to” book on the genre. It’s more a “Go ahead and just do it. You know you want to” book.

Thomas takes a comprehensive approach to the art of taking the photo and more importantly how to share an distribute the images you have captured. I believe the book is completed pre-dates G+ and the phenomena it has become. Nevertheless it is applicable in every sense.

Personally, I have been a student of every type of photography. Rick Sammon says it best. “I specialize in not specializing” he says. I like all types of photography, true. Street photography has become to me what Jazz is to music (in my opinion). Soulful, deep, emotional, and rooted in to the pulse of society. Jazz is not a genre to become a rich musician, but, when you are good at it, you can become legendary. Thomas Leuthard’s Going Candid is his sheet music to a composition of work that deserves applause.

Going Candid merits being published, but, it wouldn’t be in line with the concepts some Street Photographer share. Its not done for money. Download this book if you are interested in shooting street, or have anxiety about shooting in public, or want another perspective of a really good photographer.

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Photo walk tips

I am a moderator of a Photowalk geared toward bringing NY photographers on Google+ together who are interested is street photography or photography in general. My two co-moderators are Leanne Staples, a fantastic and popular street photographer and Chris CIf you haven’t joined a Google+ or participated in a photo-walk, you are missing out on the vast opportunity of sharing with like minded individuals a hobby or profession that inspires.

Im taking the group shot for the last photowalk

Thank you for your questions. Here are some suggestions for you:

Bring a camera: excellent idea. Comfortable clothes is a must. I would suggest a light pack. You want to be mobile. I carry a larger pack than some since I intend to take the first group shot-I’ll have my tripod just for that. If you don’t use it normally, leave it home. You may not need a 48″ reflector in a photo-walk unless that is your thing. I would be mindful of strong winds, though. +Chris Gachot uses a set up completely different than mine or Leanne Staples.

Lens choice: There are not many times in a photo walk that you would need to switch lenses. I use a 17-55 2.8 EF-S lens. I have seen others use a 50mm. Your “go to” lens? Odds are that will work just fine.

During our last photo walk people naturally gravitated to sub groups based on their pace, what caught their eye, similarity of gear, you name it. Everyone participating has knowledge that will edify you. +Leanne Staples was awesome to walk with because she would talk about what was inspiring that moment. It is very cool to see an accomplished street photographer tell you what just caught her eye. We 40+ people confirmed. This is awesome. We will stand out like a sore thumb. Take advantage of that and allow yourself to do stuff that normally isn’t your norm. I commute home with someone that carries all of his gear with him, everyday. He carries a camera with 70-200 2.8L, two additional lenses, flash, various other stuff daily. He cannot take his camera out to shoot in the street. He just can’t. It weighs like 50lbs in his hands. He is self conscious of people looking at him and staring. It may sound weird, but, if you are not accustomed to shoot in the street, it can be daunting. This photo-walk remedies that for most people. We will look like the Jets in West Side Story (dated myself-I dont care). You’ve got brothers around youre a family man…..that’s part of a song from the aforementioned musical, btw.

I hope this helps. Looking forward to meeting you.


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Vincent Laforet is at it again

The angle of video of a Canon 600mm f4 EF Lens with a 2X converter on a RED Epic, is roughly one degree. (1 Degree, 45 arcminutes horizontally to be exact.)

The focal length in terms of 35mm is more than 3400mm – not too shabby when you consider this was shot at 4K, 120fps in full RAW on the Epic.

So who cares? Is this just a case of “just because you can…”

The yet to be released EF mount for the RED system fully supports IS, autofocus, digital aperture control, touch to focus, touch to rack focus and distance readout. All you need to convert your RED to EF is a Torx screwdriver.

Vincent shot this film at Mono Lake 45 minutes after sunset until it was dark. He used an ISO range of 800 to 2000.

One Degree from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

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Photography Book Review: Going Candid by Thomas Leuthard

“Going Candid…”

I came across the street photography of Thomas Leuthard as I was ravenously adding photographers to my circles in Google plus or G+ as it is affectionately known. Thomas is a great example of how G+ can help talented photographers develop or build a following for themselves. I have gained in similar fashion and the surface has yet to be scratched.

Thomas Leuthard has produced a refreshing take on his photography. His intent is to redefine your view of street photography. He isn’t interested in the history of it. He shares with the reader an honest, candid (pun), and refreshing perspective on a form of art that at first makes the camera feel like a 50lbs dumbbell. Going Candid reads like a great conversation over a afternoon lunch where you lost track of time. Thomas successfully explains his view in a confident and digestible manner. The link above leads to a main page with the following excerpt (Pardon the formatting):

“Going Candid”

A book about street photography in the digital age. Forget what you know about street photography and read how Thomas Leuthard (85mm) explores the street with his camera. Find useful tips and tricks on how to approach people, getting closer to them and get the best out of you street experience. His workflow starts without a camera and ends in the galleries of this World. It’s not about the Decisive Moment or how you setup your camera. It’s more about the approach of getting a successful street photographer who will build a successful community around the World. It’s all about sharing and socializing. You will be taken to a journey through the big cities of this World looking into the eyes of strangers. Candid is the key word and
you will not be disappointed. Stay tuned for an exclusive book which will change your life as a street photographer…

The pdf is downloadable for free here. Enjoy it.