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My Image is Photo of the Week

I won one for the street, lol!!

This afternoon, I get a series of twitter alerts for every calumetphoto in the country tweeting the announcement that Calumetphoto chose my photo “guiding light” as the photo of the week.

This is maybe the 5th time they’ve chosen one of my images. They have a new blog where they post some questions they emailed me last week. The timing is awesome. Below is the write up and the link:

Congratulations to this week’s Photo of the Week winner Dave Ortiz from New York.

We love this urban black and white shot and that’s why we’ve chosen it as Photo of the Week this week. We’ve asked photographer Dave Ortiz a few questions about his photograph, his photographic inspiration and his gear choices. Read below to see what Dave used to capture this stunning city scene.

What kind of photography do you enjoy doing the most?

I love shooting street photography. I wrote a review of Thomas Leuthard’s first ebook on Street Photography and said “Street is to photography what Jazz is to music.” There is a wave of emotions that can be felt in street photography. Despair, joy, hope, anxiety and love are all available. I have shot homeless people, landmark buildings, crowds and commuters. There are sub-niches within Street photography that allow a 360 degree view of our surroundings-of which we too often take for granted.

Who are some of your favorite photographers and artists?

This is a tough question to answer. Some would quote Bresson or other classic photographers. I feel I am more a product of my peers and have enjoyed the input of many friends. +Vivienne Gucwa was an early influence to me on the benefits of the online experience for photographers. I met her shooting Manhattanhenge in NYC and she introduced me to the Google Plus photography community. It changed my view of photography and my life. At Google Plus I made a group called the G+ NY Photowalkers with two other photographers. We would pick a date and meet somewhere in NYC and shoot it to death. With groups from 20 top 40 photographers of varying expertise levels, it was rare to find a duplicated image. Everyone’s perspective flourished. I developed many friends there and reunited with old ones. +Steve Maya, +Angel Figueroa, +Chris Gachot and +paula layton are just a few of the many friends I gained from being an active member at G+. +Ibarionex Perello, +Juan Pons, +Rick Sammon are three photographers that have shaped the way I perceive photography. They are awesome, giving and make themselves available to the community.

This is an (amazing) iPhone 5 image. What do you like most about shooting with an iPhone? What other gear do you enjoy shooting with?

Although I carry a Canon 7D daily, I love the practicality and mobility (pun) the iPhone 5 gives me. The apps available are critical to my enjoyment of mobile photography. Flickr and Facebook have become a simple process to update my images. Instagram, despite the recent drama still gives the same enjoyment. I shoot all of my mobile images using 645Pro and edit them in SnapSeed. I have begun to shoot portraits and weddings commercially. I shoot canon’s 5D Mark II for those events and this months next event will be the first I shoot with the 5D Mark III.

To see more of Dave Ortiz’s work connect with him here:

Twitter: @steadyhand
Instagram: @steadyhand

– See more at:


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Book Review: Going Candid by Thomas Leuthard

I finished reading +Thomas Leuthard’s Going Candid-This book is a free glimpse into the passion and lifestyle woven into the fabric of Street Photography. I liked it very much. It focuses on the the raw and communal approach to street photography that I have experienced first hand co-organizing the G+ photowalks in NY with +Chris Gachot and +Leanne Staples. Thomas’s book isn’t so much a “how-to” book on the genre. It’s more a “Go ahead and just do it. You know you want to” book.

Thomas takes a comprehensive approach to the art of taking the photo and more importantly how to share an distribute the images you have captured. I believe the book is completed pre-dates G+ and the phenomena it has become. Nevertheless it is applicable in every sense.

Personally, I have been a student of every type of photography. Rick Sammon says it best. “I specialize in not specializing” he says. I like all types of photography, true. Street photography has become to me what Jazz is to music (in my opinion). Soulful, deep, emotional, and rooted in to the pulse of society. Jazz is not a genre to become a rich musician, but, when you are good at it, you can become legendary. Thomas Leuthard’s Going Candid is his sheet music to a composition of work that deserves applause.

Going Candid merits being published, but, it wouldn’t be in line with the concepts some Street Photographer share. Its not done for money. Download this book if you are interested in shooting street, or have anxiety about shooting in public, or want another perspective of a really good photographer.